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June 16, 2011


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Appreciate the kind words and i too very much enjoyed us both representing our little town as a strong example of what cf is....loved wodin with u guys and felt like my heart broke when sandy left the stage early on a thruster i know she can do. I wanted to just give her one more shot....cant wait until next year....thanks


Awesome pic, appreciate the post. Its an amazing experience just to be able to watch the determination of so many athletes, especially those from your home town. It was great to see everyone from Crossfit Troy and PCF there.


As an add, PCF is throwing a post regional party tomorrow night, if anyone wants all are welcome, email RSVP me for details


kara foster

Yep-that's one of our strong, gutsy ladies. Thanks for this post, Mike.

Once again, it was an gut-wrenching but inspiring weekend. And while I didnt finish that DL wko, I consider that "almost-finish" my greatest accomplishment of the weekend because it was about facing a huge fear head on.

And to expand upon JBs comment...I'm sad to see Sandy not taking on the games. If that honor comes up again next year, let's partner to make sure that opportunity becomes a reality for her. It's a once in a lifetime for only a blessed few.

Congrats as well to your team. Becky and Casey are ladies I look forward to seeing become even "badder-ass" in the future.


Great picture Mitchell! You did awesome on Friday and Saturday! (Didn't get to see Sunday's WOD's). Kara - I was very impressed with all that you tackled this past weekend! You are an awesome and inspiring athlete! Thank you Josh for your faith in me. I did thruster 135 at the gym but I can't swear that I did it without moving my feet - something to work on I guess. Our boxes definitely need to WOD together more often!


thanks Troy! it was fun! Honored to be pictured on your site.

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