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November 04, 2013


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Laurel Booher

I enjoyed the challenge a lot. I lost pounds and inches, and gained self esteem. For me personally it was more of a challenge because I was gone for so much of it. I doubt I would have made any progress wIthout the challenge's accountability.

This gave me the willpower to forgo fancy "French Canadian desserts" which were included in our "vacation package" while on a train trip across Canada.

I mentioned at the "challenge round-up" that I spent a lot on my phone charges. Here's a tip for anyone who is purchasing a phone plan out of the country. It will be inexpensive, if you can turn off your "cellphone wifi" and use a hotel, restaurant's or anybody else's WIFI as much as possible. I was on a train...and then a motor home with no TV or newspaper...and I guess I used it a lot more than just for checking in for the whole life challenge. :)
Thanks, Christina for leading this program for us. It was great!

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